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You will come to know that Ari and I are a bit different.  It’s quite cool that we found each other in lifeView full post »

Pia and Jesse

There is a whole back story to this wedding.  If you know Pia, you know it – and there is no need for me to tellView full post »

A reunion {Susan}

In my old life I was an accountant.  I worked that job for 8 years.  I’m not complaining, I got to hang out withView full post »

Rachael + Brad

An Actor and a Publicist. A Director as a catalyst. Two people who wanted to spend their lives together.  They took theView full post »

Instant Gratification

I don’t come from Gen Y, but I still have problems waiting for things…   Things like film scans, B and HView full post »

Trina + Ben

We helped out a couple who contacted our fantastic friends at Shutter and Lace.  They had not ended up with any imagesView full post »

A Suburban Dream

A suburban dream – under a jet plane sky.  Everything will flow. Leaving my reality behind and trying on someoneView full post »

One Frame

Just one from Brad and Rachael’s Day…. A teaser until our film scans are back.  View full post »

Sun and Balloons

From the most amazing, heartfelt and beautiful wedding! More to come….  View full post »

Susan and Ari

10 by 10 Susan   I love film – a love that has been passed down from my Dad and enriched by meeting Ari &#View full post »